DigitalSignage for eveyone

Digital Signage technologies will present your current offerings in a different and fun way. If you choose them for advertising at your hotel, you have the opportunity to invite your guests to the bar, restaurant or relaxation areas. Spur customer engagement and stimulate extra purchases. Spotlight your merchandise, both in-store and in-storefront, to capture customers’ attention.

80% of global brands have increased their sales by 32% thanks to Digital Signage.

  • According to Grand View Research, Digital Signage will reach $ 20 billion in 2020.
  • Intel has found that 400% more people interact with Digital Signage messages than static ads.
  • Reduces the sense of long queue waiting by 35% by distracting and entertaining customers while also promoting your brand.
  • 7 out of 10 customers buy a product viewed on an ad screen.
  • 52% of customers remember your message , which by analysis is 20-30% more than traditional advertising.

Use and reuse content
Upload videos, images, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel files. Use any YouTube link or live video stream. Play audio files. Or show any web page you want. Display your social media feeds. Create news tickers and more. Use your corporate dashboards.

Drag-and-drop layout editing
Get creative with our quick & easy show editor and break free from standard layouts or simple full screen views. Design visually stunning screen layouts and bring your content to life.

Mobile-enabled management
The management portal supports mobile browsers, so you can easily check on the status of your screens or even upload files while on the road.

Simple, intuitive user interface
E³ Coud provides a comprehensive management portal so you can control your content and screens with just a few clicks. From one to thousands of monitors, no boring training or tutorials are required.